underfloor heating

Product Codes
Product CodeWattageVoltageWeight (Kg)DimensionsPrice ex VAT (£)
ECOSUN S+099002308.151550 x 150 x 60mm204.52
ECOSUN S+1212002308.151550 x 150 x 60mm214.73
ECOSUN S+181800230/400 2N12.91550 x 250 x 60mm295.94
ECOSUN S+242400230/400 2N12.91550 x 250 x 60mm310.73
ECOSUN S+303000230/400 2N17.71550 x 350 x 60mm384.25
ECOSUN S+363600230/400 2N17.71550 x 350 x 60mm403.47

Product CodeDescriptionPrice ex VAT (£)
ECOSUN TBTiltable brackets for ECOSUN S+7.79
ECOSUN G0912Protective grill for ECOSUN S+ 09-1227.44
ECOSUN G1824Protective grill for ECOSUN S+ 18-2434.11
ECOSUN G3036Protective grill for ECOSUN S+ 30-3640.79

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