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 <pro_contents_updated2.jpg> ECOFILMPRO Professional Underfloor Heating Kits provide everything the professional installer needs to put radiant floor heating in place.

ECOFILMPRO comes in 5m2,10m2, 15m2 and 20m2 kits and include all the tools for the professional installer. Simply cut the roll of 500mm wide ECOFILM into lengths and make the connections using the FREE crimp tool. The standard heat output of ECOFILM is 130 Watts/m2.

ECOFILMPRO is NOT designed for use in wet areas, such as  bathrooms or shower rooms.


Approved to EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition

Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008)

Standard heat output - 130W/m2.

Available as - 5m2, 10m2, 15m2 and 20m2 kits for maximum floor coverage

Quick installation - Simply cut the radiant floor heating element to length and connect

Extremely low build height - Only 7mm

Suitable for laminate, real wood and engineered
board flooring

When used in conjunction with ECOMAX-DUO, ECOFILMPRO is suitable for carpet and vinyl floors. Find out more about ECOMAX-DUO

is a complete radiant floor heating solution for laminate and wood floors. Simply select the floor coverage required for kit sizes available: 5m2, 10m2, 15m2 & 20m2

The kit is includes the following items:

Roll of 500mm wide ECOFILM

Heating Element Connection Crimps

Cold Tail Connection Leads (Brown & Blue)

Mastic Tape

Green Polyester Tape Disks

FREE Ratchet Crimping Tool

Full Installation Instructions

10 Year Guarantee Certificate

Product Codes

Product CodeDescriptionPrice ex VAT (£)
EPRO - 55m2 kit163.67
EPRO - 1010m2 kit266.67
EPRO - 1515m2 kit369.67
EPRO - 2020m2 kit472.67

Required Accessories

Product CodeDescriptionPrice ex VAT (£)
EL06ECOMAX-LITE Thermal Insulation (800mm x 1250mm)5.67
ADT50Heavy duty adhesive tape (50mm x 50m)6.59
PVB12Polyester vapour barrier (1m x 12m)*28.84
PVB25Polyester vapour barrier (1m x 25m)**48.41
ET16WWhite touch screen thermostat (16A)87.55
TH232Digital programmable thermostat (15A)70.04
TH131Manual analogue thermostat (15A)51.50

 * 1m x 12m of PVB has a floor coverage of 10m²
** 1m x 25m of PVB has a floor coverage of 22m² 

Additional Accessories
Product CodeDescriptionPrice ex VAT (£)
CRIMP1010 x Connection Crimps6.18
CTBL101.5 mm2 x 10m Cold Tail Leads (Blue)6.70
CTBR101.5 mm2 x 10m Cold Tail Leads (Brown)6.70
MASTIC11000mm x 101mm Mastic Tape20.60
GTD2020 x Green Termination Disks1.24

EcoFilm Pro Installation Video

Floor Construction



Before laying the ECOFILMPRO kit on either a suspended wooden floor or concrete sub-floor it is necessary to install a layer of ECOMAX-LITE Thermal Insulation. This will minimise heat losses and ensure quicker heat-up times for the floor. It will also act as a means of sound deadening which is required for laminate floors.

Roll out the pre-cut lengths of ECOFILM radiant floor heating elements, taking care to locate the “cold tails” on the wall nearest the thermostat connection box. Trim to length as required and insulate trimmed ends as per instructions before taping the element into position. Always take care NOT to overlap the heating elements. Cover the total floor including non heated areas with a layer of Polyester Vapour Barrier (PVB) before laying the chosen floor covering.

 - Laminate / Timber Floor
SECOND LAYER - Polyester Vapour Barrier
THIRD LAYER - ECOFILM Heating Elements
FIFTH LAYER - Wood / Concrete Sub Floor

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