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Cable Construction Details



Cable Construction Details

Cable Construction Details


  • Premium quality ( EU sourced ) calibrated resistance wire
  • Advanced fluoropolymer insulation ( for long life )
  • 100% aluminium earth screen ensures full earth protection
  • Abrasion, cut and crushproof PVC minimises PVC minimises potential damage during installation

The Heating Element in our in floor heating cables is constructed of a metal that has a resistance. This means that when current flows through it, heat is produced. Flexel only use premier quality copper alloy wire that has been produced by long established manufacturers to ensure consistent calibrated resistance and long life.

Our heating elements use an inner insulation of Fluoropolymer, a synthetic material, as it has very good electrical 
properties and a high melting point which makes it particularly suitable for use in underfloor heating cables.
The Earth Screen is designed to ensure that if the in floor heating cable is cut or damaged the system automatically trips the RCD turning the system off. All Flexel cables are enveloped in a layer of aluminium foil. These 100% aluminium earth screens ensure that it is impossible to cut or pierce the heating wires without cutting through the earth. They satisfy the most stringent current electrical safety approval standards.
The Outer Protection Jacket provides the electrical protection required by the relevant safety standards and also ensure that the cable is protected from damage during the installation process. The majority of our cables use PVC as the outer insulation jacket. This material can be made remarkably tough and resistant to crushing, cutting or abrasion which is particularly important to prevent any potential damage to the cable during installation.

Some manufacturers also use fluoropolymer as the outer insulation for their heating cables. This material is not as resistant to the crushing and cutting forces which may be encountered during the installation of in floor heating cables.

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 ADSV -T Ecoflex Cable Mat ADSA- Ecoflex Cable Kit
ADSV Ecoflex Loose Cable
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MAPSV Ecofloor Snow Melting Cable Mat
PSV Ecoflex In-screed Cable

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