underfloor heating


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Our range of electric underfloor heating products and accessories provide a warm, comfortable environment, by utilising radiant heat.

Radiant heating systems work by warming the colder surfaces in the room, rather than depending on air circulation like traditional central heating systems.

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Choosing Flexel electric underfloor heating

At Flexel International, we manufacture and market a wide range of products, but these are all inspired by electric underfloor heating.

Whether you choose a pipe freeze protection cable, snow melting cable or any of our other products, you will be able to see how it has evolved from our range of underfloor heating.

For example, snow melting cables are designed to keep workplace access safe whatever the weather. These cables were developed from our existing electric underfloor heating cables and are laid in a similar fashion to heating mats.

The infrared heat used by heating panels is the same system utilised by our underfloor heating products. Infrared heat gently warms the objects in the room, creating an even heat throughout the area. This is an advantage over hot water based heating, which relies on air circulation and results in temperature variations.

How to buy electric underfloor heating from Flexel

At Flexel International, we work closesly with our network of distributors.

We provide full technical support and training, as well as no obligation quotes.

Simply contact your local builders' merchant or electrical wholesaler and ask for Flexel electric underfloor heating.

It is that easy.

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